Everything You Need To Know About Offshore US Staffing Industry In India & Jobs Within.

Staffing and recruiting is an ever-growing business worldwide and the US Staffing business every year generates revenue in millions and as per the website, www.stastica.com which publishes different industry revenues globally has reported a revenue made in 2019 by the US Staffing sector which is 151.8 billion U.S. dollars.

And the numbers are expected to grow even higher this year which are subjected to pandemic and mobility issues of the resources in the United States. A lot of workforces have resorted to working from home and are adapting work from a Home culture which is something in consideration from companies to continue even after the pandemic.

In India US Staffing businesses are either of the agencies which are considered giants having offices across the globe or in the first world countries or of those people who has been to US on a non immigrant visa such as H1b. These people are either IT related or software related professionals who invest in offshore offices and among them are working professionals in the United States who has setup this business.

And there are people from India who are from the recruiting industry having knowledge and experience of US Staffing who inspired to become an owner or director of an agency supporting businesses in the United States.

There are 4 major categories of US Staffing businesses from India mainly:

  • Full-Time Staffing
  • Contract Staffing
  • RPO
  • Third-Party Staffing

A full-time staffing agency business caters clients in placing candidates on a full-time job for a one time commission decided between the agency and the client. The payment of commission of such business is of 90 days of successful completion at the client-side office. The percentage varies from 8 – 10% depending on the experience and level of the resource is procured through the agency.

A contract staffing business cater clients in placing candidates on a contract job through them where an agency gets paid an hourly commission on the resource been placed on a contract at the client-side. The client pays the agency biweekly or as decided between the parties and the same goes for the resource that is been hired by the client through this agency. Sometimes they go for net payments before the actual job is done agency is required to pay once the project is confirmed and a purchase order is made.

RPO based business caters clients by outsourcing entire or some part of business to a third party company. Similarly there are various business models within the RPO such as RPO Recruiter, in this business an agency sell its recruiters on a monthly fee for sourcing and recruiting on behalf of the client. They are sold based on their experience and domain knowledge.

Third-party staffing caters to clients in need of a resource, wherein the third party becomes the mediator between the actual party having the job and the actual party having the resource on their payroll or bench. The third-party business makes money by becoming a supplying layer between the actual parties.

Jobs within the US Staffing Industry In India

There are various jobs and roles within US Staffing industry in India such as Technical Recruiter, Student Recruiter, Bench Marketer (W2 Sales or Recruiting) Third party Recruiter, RPO Recruiter and etc. which are specific to recruiting and sourcing.

There are other departments in the US Staffing business such as Immigration, Legal, Accounting and Corporate Recruiting. These departments are the backbone of the any US Staffing business involves in Immigration, Payments, Settlements, Contracts, and etc.

Immigration deals with filing, renewal, an extension of visas, and contracts in the United States with USCIS. These HR executives are trained in immigration practices and are hired for these purposes in the business.

Legal deals with staffing business contracts, agreements, review, renew, and negotiation of such contracts of business and handling any discrepancies or issues.

Accounting team deals in AR/AP, Recovery, Reconciliation, Statements and etc. Either they work in split or in a team to pay or receive receipts of service delivered or service received.

Corporate Recruiting team deals in hiring talent within India offices for all roles entry and executives from Director, VP, Manager or Recruiting in sales, business development and marketing.

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