US Staffing industry produces thousands of staffing and recruiting professionals from technical recruiters, bench sales marketers to student recruiters. While few progress many find themselves in career crisis, urge for career transition or change of industry itself. In order to address all those challenges of a staffing professional in the US. Our platform supports you in every step of your career within US staffing as well as in career transition through our Career Assessment tool in order for you relaunch your career in IT other than staffing.

Our Platform can help you land your best career opportunities by connecting with local and international staffing agencies across India & the United States. Join our membership platform and claim your profile on our platform and start your promising career in a better way.

Our membership benefits

  • One on one consulting, counselling, advise & guidance
  • If you are fresher, you are trained in the staffing business, recruitment, practices, compliances and launched in the market for jobs.
  • You have entire agency directory and insights including company name, website, numbers, emails, social media platforms and etc.
  • You can learn new developments in the industry, attend events, network with fellow colleagues and etc.
  • You become a part of growing US staffing community which will help you grow and grow with you.
  • Helps you in finding new or next job as soon as you are in the market looking for new assignment.

For membership fees and details please connect with us on our contact page and our executives will get back to you via email within 24 working hours.