Connect with The Staffing Circle for business inquiries, partner or ad on services mentioned on our website page. Please write to us your business requirements and we will respond back within 16 working hours with our response.

Note :

  • Training Services: Most of our trainings are online available through Udemy.com at very affordable rate. if you are looking for any customized training services, we train people in batches with minimum per batch 10 people in the group at your facility. Please request for training services brochure for detailed information.
  • Customized Staffing Services : We provide staffing services to staffing agencies and US based employer for a flat fee model. Inquire about this services if you are dealing with US business and pay in US dollar only.
  • Other Services: We provide a range of staffing niche services such as brand development, website design and development, hosting and logo design, development and identity services. We have professionals within staffing industry those are expert in IT, Programming, Technology equipped with necessary information to provide the service you are looking.